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What you’ll need:


-a piece of wood to try this on- anything wooden will work like a wood slice, wooden pallet, wooden sign, wooden coasters, etc.

-some sort of base coat treatment for the wood like polycrylic or acrylic paint

-sand paper

-a squeegee or credit card

How to get vinyl to stick to wood- step 1:

Let’s start with the basics- adding vinyl to wood. Vinyl sticks decently to untreated wood but we want to make sure that the vinyl is nice and stuck to the wood because we wouldn’t want parts of your project to peel. 

So the first step is to sand down whatever wood you’re working with. For this project we’re working with a wooden pallet and when we bought it the wood was pretty rough and uneven. The more you sand it down the better your vinyl will stick so make sure to use lots of elbow grease!

Step 2

The next step is to treat your wood. You need to add some sort of coating or primer that the vinyl can grip to. We’ve had huge success using Polycrylic, wood stain or acrylic paint, all of which you can find at your favorite craft store. Once you coat your wood in this base coat, you’re going to want to wait 24-48 hours until your base coat is completely set before moving on to the next step.

Step 3

This is the step where we apply our vinyl! For the basics of applying 651 permanent vinyl, refer to thisĀ video or instructions. Apply your vinyl like you would for any surface, ensuring that you’re pressing firmly with your squeegee. And that’s it- you’re done!